Get Involved

If you would like to volunteer your time and expertise, please register today and alert us by making a note in the area provided!

Get Involved

Become a volunteer

We are looking for volunteers to assist us at health education days and making contributions towards articles and snippets for our eNewsletter and planned new magazine. Volunteers can play a key role in the provision of our services and will be provided with training to ensure they have the tools and skills required to perform their roles effectively. Sign up now »

Set up a support group

If you are energetic and feel passionate about the cause of Endometriosis and have the time to spend in finding a suitable venue, liaising with your local media and learning more about endometriosis, then this may be for you. Sign up now »

Raise Awareness

Campaign for our cause! Raise awareness about the impact endometriosis has on the lives of women!

If you are in a position to help us raise awareness: at your place of work, at your bookclub, or are willing to speak to the media and help out when we do campaigns at shopping centres and other outlets, we need you!

We would specifically like to target employers and increase their understanding of endometriosis as a means to reducing the impact this chronic disease has in the workplace. We have produced a leaflet for employers which explains what endometriosis is, the impact it can have and what an employer can do to support staff members who are affected by endometriosis.  Download it and show it to your employer and ask permission to put it up. Get involved »

Ask permission to put this poster up at work.

Raising awareness in your community is often one of the best and most effective ways of reaching a high number of people.

Before deciding what you would like to do, think about how much time you can give, where your skills would be best placed, and whether you could get help from your friends or family.

Examples of how you could reach people in your local area:

  • Ask your GP or Gynae to display our posters/leaflets in their rooms
  • Ask if your employers would allow you to have an information table in your workplace
  • Ask your employer to allow you to put posters up in your place of work
  • Contact the management at your local shopping center and ask them to place our posters in the lady’s rest-rooms
  • Have an information stand at a local shopping center